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Bulk SMS

The facts that:


With the rapid growth and increasing importance of mobile industry, therefore:

Higher potential reach with the use of Bulk SMS.

Direct marketing effect with immediate target and reach.

Send tailored SMS to different segment of customers from the database.

Lower Cost

of sending messages globally.



UVSMS provides you with the ability to broadcast SMS to a large number of recipients through all telecommunication networks in most countries around the world at ease. Equipped with one of the most powerful SMS gateways (SMSC), our service is capable to send and receive over 200 SMS to and from customers every second.

We offer SMS gateways, Telecom Operators, Integrators and end users with easy-to-use tools to facilitate their messaging workflow. We have various services to suit your needs.

Web-based SMS Portal Advantages:

01 Unlike e-mail, bulk SMS are not filtered by spam filters. websms_bicon1
02 Messages can be personalized according to different purposes and audiences. websms_bicon2
03 Messages can be scheduled for sending. websms_bicon3
04 Can be used as reminders and alerts websms_bicon4
05 Web Portal is operational 24x7x365! websms_bicon5
06 Accessible anywhere! Via desktop, mobile or tablets! websms_bicon6
07 No Hidden Cost. websms_bicon7
08 Immediate delivery. websms_bicon8
09 Delivery status report. websms_bicon9
10 Cost Effective Marketing websms_bicon10

SMS Gateway Features:

UVSMS offers Application Programming Interface (API) which gives you convenience in content management with the following features.

01 Delivery Report:
  • Track the status of each message to confirm delivery to intended recipients.
02 Dynamic/Fixed Sender ID:
  • Tag messages with either:
    • Dynamic Sender ID
      (your choice of Alphanumeric, Shortcode or International)
    • Fixed Sender ID
      (pre-specified longcode or shortcode)
03 Concatenated:
  • Send long messages that exceed 160 characters.
04 Unicode Encoding:
  • Send multi-language messages, including Arabic and Chinese.
05 Local Timestamp:
  • SMS are tagged with exact local timestamp at point of transmission
06 Advanced Gateway Features:
  • MNP Resolution (where it applies)
  • White/Black listing of destinations
  • Alfa-numeric sender field renaming
  • Delivery Notification (upon request)

Application Programming Interface (API):

Customer who required SMS capabilities within their own programs can also integrate with UVSMS Broadcaster using a variety of API methods, including web services, HTTP POST and SMPP.

This is ideal for clients who currently have an existing system that can benefit from SMS marketing or interaction with their customers, such as:

  • Point of Sales Systems
  • Loyalty Systems
  • Customer Relationship Management Systems
  • Membership Management Systems

Contact us today to discuss if you have requirements that requires API integration.