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Please view our FAQ below for typical questions relating to UVSMS Broadcaster. If you are still experiencing difficulties or issues, please contact us for further assistance.

5_icon FAQ

A1. You are able to send SMS to all mobile networks in Malaysia (Celcom, Maxis, DiGi, U Mobile and Tune Talk) and also a large range of network on international destinations. Please refer to the coverage and credits for the list of supported countries.
A2. No. Union Vector SMS Broadcaster is a web-based system which you only need internet connection to login with your username and password.
A3. Messages can be sent in any language as long as the destination phone supports the characters used.
A4. You are more than welcome to contact us and we will refer your problem to our technical support team and provide you with the best solution.
A5. No. We respect our customers’ privacy and we will not reveal them to the public under any circumstances.
A6. If you are a first time user, you need to register with your personal details and purchase the service package of your choice. Then proceed to the online payment and we will create an account for you in our broadcaster system after the payment is made. You can then use the registered username and password to login to the system. If you have already registered with us, log in to the broadcaster and select the package for your top up and proceed to the payment.
A7. No. The remaining credit will continue to be stored in the system after the subscription period. Top up is required to continue with the service and the remaining credit will be added to the top up credit after payment is successfully made.
A8. Yes. Sub account is available in the system and the account manager is able to control and monitor on the sub accounts.
A9. No, we charge according to your usage and the price is stated in our coverage and credits page. We do not charge for any other fees unless stated.
A1. Click on Manage Contact under the tab of Contact from the sidebar. Then click on New Contact. Fill up the contact detail and click Save. You can group your contact accordingly for your convenience.
A2. Yes. All the contacts will be kept in the system and you can group them according to different SMS campaigns.
A3. No. We provide unlimited database for contact phone numbers.
A4. Create the group at Manage Contact Group under the tab of Contact and then create new contact or move existing contacts into the group. Each contact can be sorted into multiple groups accordingly.
A1. Click on Single SMS under the tab of SMS from the sidebar. Then enter the phone number that you want to send the SMS to and enter your message either manually or from a preset template. Click on the Send button and the mobile user will receive the SMS shortly.
A2. Click Broadcast SMS under the tab of SMS from the sidebar. Then enter the name of the campaign and the message manually or from a preset template. Proceed to the next step which is to select the destination. You are able to select the group of contacts that you want to send the SMS to in this section. After the contacts are loaded, you will be able to choose to send the SMS in schedule or broadcast the SMS right away.
A3. Yes. Scheduling function is available in our broadcaster system to give you convenience in sending your SMS. You can preset a specific date and time that you want to send your SMS and the system will send it for you during the specified date and time, which you do not have to log into the system and click on the send button.
A4. Yes. You can find the details of those SMS in the Campaign Report under the tab of Report. Account manager is also able to view on the details of SMS of the sub accounts.
A1. It varies on the different packages of service we offer. Please refer to our coverage and credits page for more information.
A2. The remaining credit in the account is shown on the bottom left of the user interface. The remaining credit will be updated automatically everytime after SMS are sent or top up are done.
A3. First you need to log in to the broadcaster system and select the package of credit of your choice. Please note that bulk postpaid and subscription based packages are available upon request.
A4. Credit history is available in Credit Report under the tab of Report. You are able to check on the credit that you have spent during a selected period of time.
A5. Only the account manager can top up for sub accounts by transferring credits from account to sub accounts. The account must have sufficient credit to do so. Negative credit on the account after each transfer is not allowed. You are also able to withdraw credit from your sub account by key in negative credit value in the Manage Credit section, for example “-50″.
A1. A SMS template is a SMS with similar format or content saved in the system for frequent use.
A2. SMS template intends to save your typing time if a similar message format is frequently required. You do not have to create a new message over and over again. You can add and edit template in our system for different SMS campaigns.
A3. Yes. You can create personal SMS template under the tab of SMS Template. Account manager can create Global Template which will be available for all the sub accounts.