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Premium SMS

Premium SMS (or reverse billing) offers a fast and simple payment gateway solution for your company’s products and services, an increasingly popular feature in the mobile industry. With Premium SMS, recipients are charged for receiving the SMS.

Typically, content providers or service providers will offer contents or services that would interest their target audience.

How it works:


We receive an SMS from your customer.



Our system will process the message according to a pre-defined keyword.



SMS is passed to your server for processing via HTTP.



Your server pushes a charged message back to the user with the requested content.


There are two types of Premium SMS services, namely Information On Demand (IOD) and Subscription based.

IOD services are a single SMS transaction where the subscriber requests for a single specific type of content, which is then delivered to the subscriber’s mobile device. Typical examples of IOD services include:

  • Micro-transaction payments (eg purchasing Game points)
  • Contests
  • Voting
  • SMS Chatbox
  • Reservations
  • Information Verification (for example Parking Summons)
  • Feedback

Subscription services allow periodic delivery of subscribed content to the subscriber’s mobile device. The subscriber only needs to send a single SMS to request for service and will be sent content according to the service’s frequency and charged either per delivery or periodically. This type of Premium SMS service is ideal for the following:

  • Lottery Results
  • Stock Price Alerts
  • Sports Updates and Results
  • Videos
  • Advice (eg Fortune, Motivation, Self Help, Feng Sui)

Please contact us if you have a requirement that needs the use of Premium SMS.